About Us

The company was founded in 2016 by a team of local and international Medical Doctors to manufacture medical devices for single use and distribute various medical devices for Africa.

MDB is the leading Manufacturer and supplier of safe, Quality sterile Medical Devices. MDB puts patient safety, innovation, quality at the forefront and our core Values are:




MDB strives to provide clients with good quality, safe, innovative, single use medical products to facilitate prolonging lives of patients. Our Team of Medical experts ensure that for every product supplied patient safety, efficiency, sustainability and accountability are at the forefront. Medical Devices Botswana has international Partners both Technical Partners and exclusive agency partners in USA. Advacare Pharm, a USA subsidiary of Advacare company is an exclusive partner to MDB on various medical devices, drugs and vaccines.

MDB is the first Pharmaceutical company in Southern Africa Region with a state of the art Medical Device Factory at plot 140 Tlokweng, the factory boasts of 100 000 grade clean room, GMP standard aeration rooms and purifying workshops aswell as ethylene oxide Sterilisation Machines. MDB produces a range of products including but not limited to Safety syringes, auto disable syringes, infusion sets, Circumcision kits, transfusing sets, vaginal dilators and a series of Ethylene Sterilized Medical Supplies.

MDB has a team of highly qualified inspectors of different specialties including Medical Doctors, Microbiologists, Pharmacists, Chemical Engineers and Quality control Inspectors with focuses in physics, chemistry and biology, the factory is equipped with advanced detecting instruments. The whole production process are under strict control from raw material, production and finished products in accordance with International Standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

State of the Art ISO13485 Facility




State of the Art ISO13485 Facility